Learn how to stop your emails from BoothBook going into customers email spam or junk folders.


Step 1: Check Your Email Address

From time to time, depending on the mail client that your customer uses, your emails may go into their spam folder. The issue is usually with the e-mail address specified in your settings, go to Configuration (cog) icon on the tool bar on the left, Global Settings, Business & Location fieldset area. Use an email address that is matched to your domain name (e.g. info@yourbusiness.com). However, we can provide you with a yourbusiness@myboothbooking.com email address if you need and we'll forward it to your non-domain email address - simply request this via Help & Support in your dashboard.  

If Step 1 is complete, move onto Step 2:


Step 2: Log Into Your Domain Provider

The cause of this issue may also be that your domain provider is warning recipients that your emails are being sent from a different server (BoothBook) and not from your webmail, or POP or IMAP accounts.

To resolve this, we need to add a TXT or SPF record to your domains DNS settings. Login to your domain registrars website, and edit the DNS settings for your domain.


Step 3: Add a TXT or SPF Record

First we will add a record for your main domain. For example, if your domain is booking.yourwebsite.com , then we are editing yourwebsite.com.

Add a TXT or SPF record that includes the BoothBook IP address. The type should be "TXT" and the "Value" should be...

UK Server

v=spf1 a mx ip4: ~all

EU Server

v=spf1 a mx ip4: ~all

US Server

v=spf1 a mx ip4: ~all

**** To know which server your BoothBook system is on, simply match the IP address with your A Record that's already created in your DNS settings ****

Step 4: Complete & Test

If you still arent sure whether your changes have made a difference, head over to https://www.mail-tester.com

This will give you a unique dummy email address. Place a test booking on your BoothBook using this email address, and this website will give your email a score, anything over 8/10 should be absolutely fine.

If your emails are STILL going into customers spam folders after taking these steps, then there is more we can do.

  • Signing your emails with DKIM
  • Adding a DMARC record
  • Matching your SPF:HELO to your SPF record to avoid a softfail
  • And finally, removing all HTML from the emails to only send plain emails (an ugly last resort)


Outlook, Gmail & Hotmail

There are known issues with outlook, gmail and & hotmail email addresses that do not allow other servers to send on their behalf. This is to stop spoofing of your email accounts from other spammy sources, but also stops the good guys like us sending from them too. 

The only solution to this for the moment is to use an email address you have control over (ideally one that matches your domain).

 Please make sure you have sent a test booking and successfully received an email before going live with your system.