Multiple Services Discount

You are able to set a percentage value to offer discount to customers for booking multiple services (ie. applies to multiple unit types) by navigating to and click on the the Configuration (cog) icon on the tool bar on the left, Global Settings, and scrolling down to the Discounts and Coupons fieldset area. If you don't offer a multiple services discount, set to 0 to disable.

Enable Coupons

In the Discounts and Coupons area, tick Enable Coupons. The coupon box will only appear on your booking form if this box is checked. Uncheck this setting to quickly disable the coupon field instead of disabling individual coupons manually. 

Add A New Coupon

You can add and manage individual coupons by going to the Configuration (cog) icon on the tool bar on the left then to Coupons. Here, you can Add a new Coupon, enter an Admin Title description eg. Bride Magazine 10% and the code that customers would enter on your website eg. BRIDE10. Then enter the Discount Amount value eg. 10 and the Discount Format ie. Percentage or Fixed Amount for if it was for £10 off. You can also enter the maximum amount you want the code to be used into the Max Redemptions box and then the Date Range if you only want the coupon to be available for a certain amount of time.

Click Save

Delete A Coupon

To delete a coupon go to Configuration>Coupons and select the Delete option under Edit on your chosen coupon, you will then be asked if you would like to continue in deleting the Coupon. Select Delete to remove the coupon, you can delete any coupons and this will not effect any existing bookings. If the coupon has been applied to a previous booking, this coupon will still be valid within that booking and still show on the order form.