This feature applies to Pro Accounts. 

Create a page to showcase your events on a BoothGallery Home page. This Home page will use your own business' subdomain.

Step 1 -  Add Your Subdomain 

  • In your BoothGallery dashboard, go to Global Settings
  • Add your Subdomain eg. and you'll see a success message when it's connected successfully. You will need to create an A Record in your domain provider account and point it at - check out: Create a BoothGallery Subdomain and A Record for further help connecting your subdomain. 

Step 2 -  Edit Your Branding 

  • In your Global Settings edit page, head to the Branding area. The options you set here will determine the look and style of your home page, and these will also be the default branding style when creating a new event.
  • You're able to add a logo, background image, set the background image size/ position/ behaviour/ colour and set the font colour for the page.
  • Click Save

Step 3 -  Review Your Page

  • View your Home page by entering your subdomain eg. into your URL bar