All payments made within BoothBook will automatically update the booking. 

Where the customer is making a manual payment by bank transfer, cash or cheque you will need to update the payment manually. 

Once you have received the payment, follow the below steps to update the booking:

  1. Look up the booking in the booking screen
  2. Click 'Add Payment' 
  3. Input the payment reference or identifying info e.g Date
  4. Select which type of payment from the following options
    • Credit Card (If not adding via the card terminal)
    • Debit Card (If not adding via the card terminal)
    • BACs (Also known as bank transfer)
    • Cash
    • Paypal
    • Cheque
    • Other
    • Tax (Only shows when tax is excluded - doesn't affect remaining balance)
    • Refund (Enter a negative value when selecting refund to manipulate the remaining balance)
    • (Or add your own by updating the options at: Configuration (cog icon) > Global Settings > Additional Pricing > Manual Payments.)
  5. Enter payment amount.
  6. Click add payment to save.
  7. Remember to repeat the process to add tax if your tax is set as excluded.