This feature applies to BoothGallery Pro Accounts.

Once you've created a gallery and it starts getting views, statistics will start to appear on its Analytics page. To view the Analytics page:

  • Go to your dashboard, click the dropdown menu (cog icon) of the gallery and go to Analytics
  • Or view the gallery page itself and go to the Analytics menu item at the top of the page

Social Share Tracking

The numbers of shares to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest will show under Social Share Tracking

Gallery Views & Visitors

The Gallery Views & Visitors section show the amount page views and sessions for certain dates. You can also select a specific date range by entering a start and end date and clicking Apply.

Traffic Sources

Traffic Sources will show you the URL that visitors have gone to to to reach your gallery page. Depending on how you've advertised your gallery to visitors, examples of this could be:

  • direct eg.

Page views from Countries

Underneath Traffic Sources will be a heat map showing the countries that visitors have viewed your gallery in. Hover over coloured in countries and the amount of page views will be displayed.