Once you have leads coming into your BoothBook, you can begin contacting customers and working on converting them to booking. Using your lead information, email your customers, emphasising the benefits of your services and how easy it easy to pay and manage their booking with you. Keep a running log of communication in the Activity section of the BoothBook Lead, so you know what has been said, which means anyone can pick up where the others have left off. 

Once you've closed a sale and your customer wants go ahead with booking! Bravo!

  1. Click on the Leads (messages) icon in the top left of your BoothBook dashboard
  2. Find the customer that wants to confirm a booking
  3. Click on the Convert to Booking button
  4. Complete the booking form for them or copy the URL and email it for them to continue.
  5. The Lead will not show as Booked, and details will not come through as a Booking until you/customer has clicked Proceed with Booking.