Your customers can access their bookings details through their client portal. They log into this via the Manage Booking section on the front page of your BoothBook, using their Booking ID Number and their Last Name or through the Manage Booking widget that you can add to your website. In their client portal, they can do the following:

  • View booking details contact, event and venue information.
  • View packages, extras, any travel costs as well as any payments that have been made and remaining balances to pay.
  • View and download any files such as Public Liability Insurance
  • View and download their invoice - see more about Invoice Settings
  • View, sign and download their contract - see more about Contract Settings
  • Choose their template from the BoothBook or External Template chooser - see more about the Template Chooser
  • Start or continue a conversation with Admins via a messaging thread
  • Click Confirm Details
  • Add special offer Extras products to their booking -  see more about up-selling Extras
  • Make part or full balance payments
  • View other bookings associated to their email address

Enable Client Portal Features

To enable or disable the client portal icons for viewing bookings, files, invoice, contract, the template chooser and confirming details, go to Configuration (cog) icon > Global Settings and scroll down to Client Portal> Client Portal Icons. Tick or Untick the icons that you want customers to see in the client portal.

View A Client's Portal

To see a client's portal as the customer would see it go to your Bookings List (diary icon), click on the Cog icon on the right hand side of the booking you want to view, and click View Booking.