For all users that use Text Local as their SMS provider - Text Local have recently updated their API to use API keys rather than log in details. Login details were still working, but users with incorrect login details, or inactive accounts were causing lots of "failed login attempts", which meant that our server IP addresses kept getting blocked.

Therefore, as of midnight 22/08/2018, all login details fields have been replaced with an API key field. You will need to add your API key to reactivate your SMS messages. To do this, please complete the following....

1. Log into your Text Local account (this will usually be the email you signed up to BoothBook with, you can reset your password at

and click Forgot Password? link if you've forgotten).
2. Go to the API keys page
3. Click the button to generate a new API key
4. Copy that API key and paste into your BoothBook SMS settings in Configuration > Global Settings > SMS Integration> Text Local API Key.

Once that's done you should see a green success message in your SMS section to let you know you are connected.