Use your reports dashboard to analyse, grow and improve your photo booth business.

1. Go to the Reports (gauge) icon on the left hand side

2. Click on Reports Dashboard

3. Select a date range at the top of the page and click Submit

  • Reports for Financial Performance can help identify months where turnover is low

  • Reports for number of Bookings can help identify trends when your customers book and could have an effect on your marketing efforts

  • Reports for number of Events can help identify trends when your customers hold their events and might have an effect on when you take on extra staff

  • Total Events by Staff Worked might help in sharing the event among your staff fairly

  •  How did you hear about us and Lead Sources will give you a good idea about which marketing efforts are more successful than others

  • Popular Services helps you understand which type of booth or unit is booked the most, allowing you to analyse which area you could invest more into or narrow your offering.

  • Popular Packages help you identify your customer profile and which are used the most. This can help when it comes to tweaking your included Extras and package prices.

  • Popular Event Types is very useful when you are trying to establish where your business is going, and where you are making the most profitable bookings.

  • Used Units can be very helpful when analysing stock. If a unit has been used a lot more than others, it may be worth considering the maintenance costs for the upkeep vs. purchasing a new one.