1. You can locate the customer you would like to message by choosing from Bookings or Leads. Next you should select the conversation button which will take you to the message thread for that customer.

2. Alongside the message thread you will see the previous booking's that customer has made with your business as well as their lead's also. To reference one of these bookings/leads in your canned response you can select this by clicking on it. Once this has been selected a blue dot will appear next to it to show the one you are referring to- this is essential so that any variables used in the canned response are using the correct information.

3. Next you can start to type your message by selecting Reply which will open a blank message for you. Following this you can find a drop down menu which display's Canned Responses at the bottom of the message which when selected will show you the canned responses you are able to choose from to add to your message. If there is not a canned response you would like to use you can also create a new canned response more appropriate for the message.

4. Once you have decided on a canned response you would like to use, click on this from the drop down menu Canned Responses. When this has been selected it will add this canned response to your message area ready for you to update or send.  This message content will immediately display the details selected of the booking/lead chosen earlier.

5. When you are happy with your message then you can send this by selecting Send Message.

6. After this has been sent you will see the message appear in the message thread.