If you are looking to move your domain to another hosting account, you will also need to move your BoothBook subdomain/ A Record in order for you and your customers to continue to be able to access your BoothBook system.

  • Log into your current hosting account and then edit your domain, edit the DNS settings and then find the A record that is pointing to your BoothBook system
  • Make a note of the following details:
    • The Host name. This is the start of your subdomain eg. booking / bookings/ reservations
    • The IP address. This is the BoothBook server where your system files are located. It will be one of the following:
  • Log into to your new domain hosting account, edit your domain, edit DNS settings and add an A Record using the following details:
    • Type A
    • The Host name that you made a note of earlier
    • The IP address that you made a note of earlier
    • TTL:  14400 or 30 min if applicable
  • Once re-created as an A Record in your new hosting account, you and your customers will be able to access your BoothBook system once again

If you have any issues with moving your domain hosting account then you can book a DNS call with Calendly, just follow the link to schedule this.