When messaging customers you want to sign your emails and SMS messages with your Business signature, this ensures your messages appear professional & businesslike as well as enables customers to have a point of contact for further business enquiries.  

1. Select the envelope icon located at the top right of the page, then select Conversation Settings.

2. Below you will find the following fields; Default Send Action, Default Signature, Default Message Notification and the IMAP Server Detail fields.

3. You will need to create your signature under the field of Default Signature. Inside the text box you can add any details you would like your signature to include, it does automatically show you a variable for your admin name. Which will be replaced with the name of the user logged into the BoothBook account when responding to messages. Within your signature the only variables included are your business name and admin name, further details you would like to include can be added manually to your signature.

4. Once you are happy with your signature, you can select Save Configuration.

5. Your signature will now appear at the end of all your messages when creating these in Conversations between customers. To edit or change your signature in the future, simply repeat the above steps.