Proposals enable you to send your Leads a professional and presentable quote, which is created based on the type of event and services the customer is looking for. By utilising our latest Proposal feature, you can be assured that you will convert more of your Leads into Bookings by offering a more personalised aesthetically pleasing quotation.

The main features of our proposals are...

  • Multiple stunning themes - Why would you want to send the same thing to every client? Every event is different, and a personal or unique touch is often the best way to seal the deal.

  • Auto Image Generation - One of the major downfalls of most proposals is not having enough stunning imagery available to really make your quotation stand out. We are pleased to announce that we have partnered up with a high quality royalty free image provider! Just specify a keyword or keywords for your proposals, and BoothBook will pick and fill in the images for you! Amazing!

  • Date reservations - Want to make sure that special client doesn't lose their spot? Now you can reserve the date to make sure their booth is ready for them when its time to book!

  • Expiring date reservations - We all end up sending out a lot of quotes to leads, and sometimes it can be hard to track and remember them all - especially if those leads are blocking dates in your calendar and stopping other potential bookings! Now you can set a date and time for the availability to be released! "Hey Bob, yeah no problem, ill hold that date for 48 hours for you!.

  • Image customisation - Don't like the images we picked for you? Then don't use them! Upload your own images and create a truly unique quote for your client.

  • Live editing! - That's right! Now you can view the proposal, and edit it at the same time! In a huge step forward for BoothBook, we begin the process of making everything editable "in place". This makes it super easy to see the changes you are making, and see how it looks on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile, without having to constantly refresh the page.

You can manage all of your Proposals in the your Leads Centre, creating these to suit each individual customer. Follow our step by step guide to learn how to use proposals using the following link: (How to Create a Proposal) 

Go to your Leads Centre, next to the button you will now have the option to View Proposal. Before selecting this option, you will need to select your Lead to open up their current details, following this you will now see the Proposal Settings field located on the right side. This field enables you to adjust and design your Proposal as per the customers event details and requirements.

You can choose a theme for your Proposal, if you select an option from the drop down menu this type of proposal layout will then be applied. You are also able to add images to your Proposal by entering a description to the Image Keywords field which will find images based on the description given i.e wedding, Christmas, party etc. These images will be automatically added to your proposal. There is also the function to be able to reserve a unit, so this would make your unit unavailable to other customers ensuring that your units are not double booked. If you would like to view your Proposal prior to sending this to your Lead, you can select Preview to display this.


We currently have three themes available to choose from, please see below:

  • Paradigm Shift Theme 
  • Ethereal Horizontal Theme
  • Dimension Theme