Proposals enable you to send your Leads a professional and presentable quote, which is created based on the type of event and services the customer is looking for. By utilising our latest Proposal feature, you can be assured that you will convert more of your Leads into Bookings by offering a more personalised aesthetically pleasing quotation.

Follow the below step by step guide to learn how you can create Proposals for your Leads.

First you will need to go to the Leads Centre, you can now choose the Lead you would like to create the Proposal for. Next you will need to select Options located to the right of your Lead, this will then display a drop down menu with a list of options.

Your Leads drop down menu will display the following:

  • Edit Lead
  • Edit Proposal
  • View Proposal
  • Convert to Booking
  • Delete

To create your Proposal you will need to select Edit Lead > Proposal Settings. It is within these settings that you can choose the theme and layout for your Proposal, also offering you the option to add your own images. For the Theme, you can simply select a Style from the following three options; Paradigm Shift, Ethereal Horizontal and Dimension. You can also Preview these styles by selecting this function, before finalising your chosen style. Following this you will find the Image Keywords field you will need to enter in key words that relates to the customers event e.g Wedding, Party, Christmas, this will then automatically generate images that match these words and then apply these images to your proposal.  However you also have the option to upload your own images, under the Proposal Images field you can simply drag your chosen images to the grey box or select Browse to upload an Image from your Desktop. 

*Please Note* The upload images function is only available to Basic and Pro users.

 For Date Options you can also opt whether to reserve a Leads date or leave this open for other customers whilst reviewing their proposal. Date Options will give you the following to choose from; Date Open, Date Reserved (Permanently) or Date Reserved (Temporarily).

Date Reserved (Permanently) - When selecting this option you will be asked to select an available Unit Type to reserve, this will then appear as unavailable to other customers going through the booking form.

Dare Reserved (Temporarily) - When selecting this option this will only reserve the date temporarily, you will be asked to enter a date and time frame to limit this reserve. Once past the date and time entered the Unit selected will then appear as available again for other customers to book.

Once you are happy with the theme and layout chosen for your proposal, you can then select the Save option located at the bottom of the Leads page. You will then be redirected back to the Leads Centre, where you will need to select Options again and select Edit Proposal. You will now be taken to your Leads Proposal, where you can view your theme and images previously chosen however you will now need to add content to your proposal. To add text simply click on the area you would like to edit, any areas which are outlined with a blue dotted square are areas of text that can be edited. When selecting these areas a text box will appear so you can begin typing.

Proposals also include the function for Leads to be able to accept or amend their proposals, the text used within these options can also be edited. Once you have finished adding the Leads event details to the Proposal, ensure you select Save which can be found at the top right of your page. Select Back to be redirected to your Leads Details and then select the Save option again just to be safe. If you are ready to send the customer their Proposal, select View Proposal and copy the URL, you can then add this to an email for the Lead or add this to a message in Conversations.