BoothBook allows our Basic, Pro & Enterprise users to configure actions that will cause an email to send based on . These could be a simple as a follow up email to a lead or booking or as complex as an email that only sends for certain conditions


For the purpose of this Article we'll be using a lead as an example and sending them a message after checking a date.

1. Create an Automation

Go to Configuration (gear) icon on the tool bar on the left, Automations and click Create Automation.

  • The first thing you'll want to do is Turn on the automation with the switch in the corner. 
  • Then name the Automation.

2. Select a Trigger

Finally select the Trigger of When a gallery link is added or amended. That means anytime you add the gallery link to the booking, it'll trigger this automation.

3. Configure the schedule

For this one you can skip this section. 

4. Add the Conditions

For this automation you can skip this section.

5. Create the Action

  • Scroll down to Action section. 
  • Click Add an action. 
  • Select Send conversation message. 
  • Type your subject and message. - you can use Variables in both sections.
  • Click Save

6. What's next?

At this stage, depending on how you have your conversation settings setup for send actions, (Step 4 Here) it'll either send an email to the client with the above as an email, send a email that they have a conversation in their client portal and to log in to see it, or just send the conversation with no email notification.