Who has access to Proposals?

Included in your subscription:

Newbie: 1 Proposal Theme (unlimited submissions)

Basic: 3 Proposal Themes (unlimited submissions)
Pro: 10 Proposal Themes (unlimited submissions)

Enterprise: All Proposal Themes (unlimited submissions)

Purchasing Options:

If you know a theme from outside of your plan will push your customer over the line, you also have the option to pay for a single use or lifetime purchase of our other proposal themes.

You may wish to purchase single use tokens in bulk to reduce costs. These options are available when creating proposals or from your proposal settings in your system.

What is a Proposal?

Proposals enable you to send your prospective Leads a professional and presentable quote, which is created based on the type of event and services the customer is looking for within our pre-designed templates and colour palettes. By utilising our latest Proposal feature, you can be assured that you will convert more of your Leads into Bookings by offering a more personalised aesthetically pleasing quotation than your competition.

You can ensure the customer is given a bespoke service with an exclusive package for their event. With instant email notifications once a proposal has been opened, you can be sure to convert that lead faster than ever!

Why would I use Proposals?

Proposals are a key function when it comes to impressing your prospective leads and converting them into a booking. By sending them a beautifully designed, bespoke proposal where they can simply accept and go through to the booking form to book, it cuts out hours of back-and-forth emailing, and risks you loosing out to your competition. 

What are the main features?

The main features of our Proposals are:

  • Multiple pre-designed templates for you to personalise
  • Pre-styled colour palettes, with the ability for you to add you own custom palettes
  • Save your template designs to save time starting from scratch for your next
  • Unlimited free image library with Unsplash to ensure your proposals are personalised and relevant
  • Upload your own images from an album
  • HTML text editor ie. changing font styles, formatting, adding links
  • Add custom variables to your text areas for personalisation
  • Undo/redo any edits and amends you make when editing your proposal
  • Create Custom Packages to ensure you are providing the most bespoke service to your leads
  • Stock reservation so your leads have that sense or urgency to book your package
  • Send via Email including their unique proposal link
  • Send via SMS including their unique proposal link so they can view it on-the-go
  • Enable email alerts when a lead views their proposal so you can follow up instantly
  • Engagement analytics for each proposal to help you understand who has been sent and viewed proposals

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